LEXTAL Legal advised IuteCredit on a EUR 75 million bond issue

2021. 10. 11.
LEXTAL Legal has assisted IuteCredit in all legal matters related to this bond issue. Read more

2021. 07. 09.
What is an e-resident? How to obtain the e. resident status? Read more
LEXTAL Legal advised client on the sale of Port One Group

2021. 06. 11.
LEXTAL Legal advised client on the sale of Port One Group (PortOne (Estonia), PortOne Poland, and State Port Group (Lithuania)). Read more
ILAW joins LEXTAL to become one of leading law firms in the Baltics

2021. 02. 01.
The law firm ILAW has joined the LEXTAL Vilnius team to operate under the name ILAW LEXTAL. Read more
S. Naumčik. Brexit: UK citizens’ employment in Lithuania from 2021

2021. 01. 20.
The United Kingdom is no longer part of the European Union. The post-Brexit transition period, which had been set to last until the end of 2020, ended on 31 December 2020. From the start of 2021, citizens of the United Kingdom (UK) in Lithuania will be considered as third-country nationals. Read more
Restrictions on the use of laughter gas in food production have been lifted

2021. 01. 05.
This amendment ensures that laughing gas, when used as a food additive is not subject to restrictions on the use as other substances on the List IV of Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances. Read more
J. Borko. New year - new opportunities to immigrants with e. resident status

2020. 12. 28.
From January, the right of foreigners to obtain the status of an electronic resident will come into force, allowing them to use electronic services in Lithuania. Read more
Registration to Webinar – “Mobility Package” implementation – opportunities of moving to Poland

2020. 08. 26.
A free webinar “Mobility Package” implementation - opportunities of moving to Poland will take place on September 9. The event is organized together with JDP Drapała & Partners (Poland). Read more
Managing COVID-19 in the Baltic states: Legal Tools

2020. 04. 06.
As COVID-19 hit all over the world, the consequences of economic crisis caused by it more or less will feel all countries. We would like to present the brief review of the possible ways for business offered by the laws of the Baltic countries in the fight against the corona virus: starting from the possibility of changing the... Read more
Restructuring vs. bankruptcy in COVID-19 situation context: employee benefits and innovations under the Law on Insolvency of Legal Persons of the Republic of...

2020. 03. 26.
1st of January 2020 the new Law on Insolvency of Legal Persons of the Republic of Lithuania (JANĮ) came into force, replacing the existing Bankruptcy Law of the Republic of Lithuania and Restructuring Law of the Republic of Lithuania. From now on, both bankruptcy and restructuring will be governed by a single law, but both... Read more
The time to convene an ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders is approaching – what actions - and if - need to be taken during coronavirus quarantine

2020. 03. 18.
After more than half of March passed, it is time to remember that, under the Law on Companies of the Republic of Lithuania, it is time to convene an ordinary annual General Meeting of Shareholders. It shall be done no later than 4 months after the end of the financial year. This means that companies whose financial year... Read more