2019. 03. 08

Džiuginta Balčiūnė has entered the ranks of ILAW Law firm partners

We are pleased to announce that attorney Džiuginta Balčiūnė, who has been an associate partner so far, has joined the ranks of ILAW partners.

Džiuginta will continue to head the corporate law group and will be responsible for the development of the new generation of financial institutions (fintech) regulatory specialization. The new partner will also be involved in solving the law firm's strategic issues and developing the business part of the firm by participating in the ILAW board.

“Džiuginta's joining of ILAW has greatly strengthened our team's expertise in the field of corporate law and has enabled us to offer a wider range of professional services to our clients. The team led by the attorney has earned the trust of the clients in large business transfer transactions. "In addition, we see Džiuginta's leadership and activity both inside and outside the firm, so we are very excited to see her in the ranks of our partners", - says Tomas Bagdanskis, Managing Partner of ILAW.

D. Balčiūnė has accumulated valuable experience in the areas of corporate governance, mergers and acquisitions, she has been a member of the supervising board of joint stock company AviaAM Leasing, Avia Solutions Group and Agrowill Group, in addition, she was elected to the Board of the German-Baltic Chamber of Commerce in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania (AHK) in February 2019.