Data Protection
  • We consult clients on the General Data Protection Regulation, which has become directly applicable in all Members States of the European Union as of 25 May 2018.
  • We review our customers' business processes by making recommendations for their application to applicable law.
  • We perform legal audits and inspections of personal data processing. With the help of our IT partners, we can offer a comprehensive compliance audit service.
  • When necessary, we carry out data protection impact assessments.
  • We prepare and review client documentation related to the protection of personal data (prepare policies, procedures, records of processing activities, agreements, privacy notices, etc.).
  • We provide Personal Data Protection Officer service.
  • Our services include consultation of clients on the matters of legal protection of personal data, preparation of internal corporate documents regulating the processing of personal data and performance of any other actions related to the protection of personal data.
  • We represent the interests of clients in any disputes related to the legitimacy of processing of personal data.
  • Over the years, we have been successfully consulting one of the largest hypermarkets on the use of personal data, organisation and technical means for the protection of personal data and legal matters of data protection. We have prepared a package of documents to this client on the matters of direct marketing and use of loyalty cards.
  • We have provided services to hotels, logistics companies, private clinics, temporary employment and recruiting companies, and many other companies and public authorities in compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation.