2023. 09. 04

ILAW LEXTAL Announces 4 New Associate Partners

The law firm ILAW LEXTAL announces that as of this autumn, four team members are promoted to the position of Associate Partner.

The four Attorneys who have become Associate Partners are Inga Neniškė, who specializes in Corporate law, Eglė Višinskienė, a specialist in Real estate law, Ramunė Šaikuvienė, an Employment law expert, and Neringa Gylytė, who specializes in Commercial disputes.

These changes reflect ILAW LEXTAL's commitment to identifying and developing talent within the firm. Each of the Attorneys has demonstrated exceptional dedication, excellence, and leadership, therefore their promotion to Associate Partners has been both anticipated and inspiring.

Attorney Ramunė Šaikuvienė has more than 17 years' experience in legal practice, specializing in Employment law and Litigation. Ramunė advises clients on all day-to-day matters related to employment relations. She is involved in complex projects, including employee transfers or group redundancies, collective employment matters, legal due diligence, termination of employment contracts. Ramunė also assists clients with the implementation of internal documents, etc.

Attorney Eglė Višinskienė is a member of the Real Estate and Construction Law team. Eglė Višinskienė has more than 13 years of experience in Dispute resolution, Real estate, Construction and Land law, Territorial planning, as well as Contract law.

Attorney Neringa Gylytė has more than 10 years of experience in Commercial litigation, and Pre-trial dispute resolution, Contract and Obligation law. She has extensive experience in preparing procedural and other documents for courts and state authorities, draft contracts and agreements, claims, legal opinions and other legal documents.

Attorney Inga Neniškė has almost 10 years of experience in the fields of Corporate law, Mergers and acquisitions, Insolvency and Reorganizations. Inga has significant experience in drafting documents on shareholders' agreements, options, share purchase and sale agreements, reorganizations, share capital increases/decreases, bond issues, as well as regulations and resolutions of governing bodies.

Tomas Bagdanskis, the Managing Partner of ILAW LEXTAL, says that "our most valuable asset is our people. We are committed to maintaining a culture of continuous learning and improvement. It is essential to provide opportunities for growth and development to ensure that our team members realize their full potential. The promotion of Eglė, Inga, Neringa and Ramunė to Associate Partners is proof of this commitment to developing talent and encouraging people internally. We are confident that their leadership will make a significant contribution to the continued success of ILAW LEXTAL and our ability to provide our clients with legal services of the highest quality."

ILAW LEXTAL is part of the LEXTAL Legal group, which is well established among the top ten law firms in the Baltic States with more than 80 lawyers. ILAW LEXTAL has a team of more than 45 lawyers.